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Questions About Bamboo Paper Towels

Q1: We use both cotton washcloths and regular paper towels. What are the benefits of bamboo towels compared to those options?

A1: Bamboo contains naturally unique antibacterial and antiviral properties, making bamboo paper towels a superior alternative to cotton washcloths and regular paper towels. They do not smell sour or harbor bacteria like cotton cloths, making it a safe choice for wiping counter surfaces without spreading germs.

They dry fast, are washable and absorbent like cloth, yet disposable like paper products. Not only that, but they can be reused more than 50 times, so they are very economical and save a lot of space in the home. Furthermore, bamboo is an environmentally sustainable source to help reduce our demand from cutting down trees, so more forests are preserved around the world.

One of our customers was skeptical about our bamboo towels, but after using for a short time, wrote a message to us and said it's the best thing since sliced bread. Bamboo paper towels are truly an excellent alternative to conventional paper towels and cotton washcloths.


Q2: What country are these made in?

A2: Bamboo thrives and grows in abundance in subtropical climates of south central China where Giant Pandas find their habitat. Our bamboo paper towels are made responsibly in China from the patented bamboo fiber production facility that is FSC, ECO-CERT And OEKO certified. By choosing bamboo paper towels, we will help save a lot of trees and forests in the US and around the world, while saving money.


Q3: what should I expect as a first time user?
A3: After the first few washes, there may be about 10% shrinkage. This is expected. You will observe that the bamboo towel become softer and even more absorbent.

Some tiny holes may start showing up after multiple washes, this is normal as well due to pure bamboo fiber towels not having plastic or other synthetic material blends. We choose pure bamboo fiber to promote optimum anti-bacterial benefits and allow complete degradation in soil without emitting any toxic.


Q4: Would anyone care to post pics of the towels as they wear?

A4: please see pictures below from one of our customers. They used the two sheets many, many times. One used for dishes & another was used daily by his wife as a face cloth. The two sheets were used over & over. They stated that the towels rinse clean very easily and are not soiled.


Q5: Can you re-roll these?

A5: Like traditional paper towels, these are on the roll. After tearing off a sheet, using and washing, the easiest way is to hang it on an oven handle or sink faucet to dry for the next use. If you prefer, you can fold the dried sheet and put aside in a drawer for next use.


Q6: Can you throw these in the washer/dryer?

A6: Hand wash and air drying are recommended for our bamboo towels. Each towel can be washed in cold or warm water at up to 60°F. If stained, soak in warm water with dish soap, then rinse clean & air dry.

If you choose to wash in laundry machine, we suggest to place in a mesh laundry bag and use a delicate cycle, air dry.


Q7. Are these bamboo towels okay for food use as in wrapping washed lettuce for refrigerator storage?

A7: Yes. Bamboo paper towels are very absorbent and well suited to keep moisture away from lettuce and fruits like raspberry, blackberry, etc.


Q8. Can these be used in the microwave, like to cover a bowl of soup while heating?

A8:Yes, they can be used to cover food or soup, or placed under a bowl to catch up spill in microwave.
If stained with food, simply soak in water with dish soap, then rinse clean and air dry. Our bamboo paper towels are made from pure bamboo fiber without other synthetic material. The stain can be washed off.

Please see pictures below from one of our customers showing before and after washing a stained bamboo towel with spaghetti sauce.


Q9. Can they be used to absorb grease from fried food?

A9:Yes, they are well suited for soaking up cooking grease from fried foods. If you would like to reuse the towel, simply soak in warm water, add dish soap, rinse clean and air dry.


Questions About Disposable Guest Towels

Q1: what are the disposable guest towel made of?

A1: They are made from fresh softwood pulp with air-laid technology. They look and feel like linen cloth, but are disposable, single-use paper towels.

They are luxurious and offer a stylish, hygienic alternative to traditional re-usable cloth napkins and shared bathroom hand towels. Save on laundry cost and eliminate ironing hassle.

Totally natural, recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Q2: Do these come folded?

A2: Yes, 1/6 fold style. See pic below.



Q3: How many plies are in these towels?

A3: 1-ply. They are thick and sturdy with cloth like feel.


Q4: Will these fall apart when wet or with repeated use through a meal?

A4: They will not fall apart when wet or with repeated use. They are very sturdy. One towel can last through the meal without asking for additional towels.


Q5: Can they be used at spa for face after masks? Will these hold up when used under hot water?

A5: They are thick, sturdy and big, and will definitely hold up to hot water for wiping face and hand scrub.


Q6: I hate to iron cloth napkins. But are these good enough for formal dinner meals?

A6: Yes, they are ideal for formal dinning setting and special events. They are luxurious, linen-like disposable guest towels providing your guests with a new hygienic experience and comfort. Please see the pictures below from one of our customers. 


Q7: Are these towels recyclable?

A7: Yes, they are made from natural softwood pulp. Totally recyclable. And we would encourage our customers to adhere to the best recycling practice on our paper guest towels.


Q8: Do they come with a holder?

A8: No, only guest towels are included. We do offer for sale our Bamboo Guest Towel Holder and Mosaic Guest Towel Tray that are perfect dispensers for our Disposable Guest Towels.

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Questions About Insulated Reusable Shopping Bags

Q1: How much weight will this bag hold?

A1: Each bag was tested to hold up to 35 lbs. But for safety, we would suggest not overloading your grocery bag as it may cause difficulty for lifting, or result in back injury.


Q2: What are the care instructions for both the inside and outside material?

A2: If you use the insulated bags to carry meat, which is a prime source of food-borne illness, we would suggest to wipe down the inside with disinfecting wipes after use. If you use bags to carry fruits or vegetables, you can use a wet towel to wipe clean the inside. For the outside of the bags, simply spot clean.

It's a good practice to keep one bag for storing meat and the other one for perishable fruits or vegetables to prevent cross-contamination.


Q3: Can these bags be used to transport warm food to home?

A3: Yes, these bags have thick insulation that allows for keeping cold food cold, and hot food hot.


Q4: Are the handles long enough to go over the shoulder?

A4: Yes. One of our customer posted that he is 6' tall and is able to strap the bag over his shoulder for grocery shopping and transporting items to family gatherings, parties and picnics.


Q5: Will this fold up properly with the added support bottom inside?

A5: Yes, the bottom support insert easily flips up allowing the bag to be folded flat


Q6: Are the waterproof?

A6: They are insulated, water resistant, and work well with ice packs or when filled with cold items, but are NOT waterproof.


Q7: How durable are the zippers? Will they withstand being zipped and unzipped repeatedly?

A7: They are high quality, very sturdy and durable zippers. We have sold thousands of our insulated shopping bags, and have not as yet received any complaints on the durability of our zippers.


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